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WWII Allied Amphibious Operation Code Words and Code Names

The following is a partial list of code words and code names for major Allied amphibious operations in the European Theater including North Africa and the Mediterranean.

Operation Avalanche: Allied landings by Fifth Army in Italy near Salerno beginning September 9, 1943. See also Operation Baytown and Operation Slapstick.

Operation Baytown: Allied invasion of Italy in region of Calabria by British and Canadian troop crossing the Straits of Messina on September 3, 1943. See also Operation Avalanche and Operation Slapstick.

Operation Chariot: British attack on St. Nazaire on March 28, 1942. (St. Nazaire Raid)

Operation Corkscrew: Allied invasion of the Italian island of Pantelleria in June 1943 as part of the preparation for Operation Husky.

Operation Daffodil: Allied attacks on Tobruk in North Africa on September 13, 1942. (Part of Operation Agreement.)

Operation Dragoon: Allied invasion of southern France on August 15, 1944.

Operation Husky: Allied invasion of Sicily beginning July 9-10, 1943.

Operation Infatuate: Allied landings on the island of Walcheren on November 1, 1944 as part of the Battle of the Scheldt.

Operation Jubilee: Allied raid on Dieppe, France on August 19, 1942. (Dieppe Raid)

Operation Neptune: Initial landing phase of the Allied invasion of northwest Europe, Operation Overlord.

Operation Overlord: Allied invasion of northwest Europe. See also: Operation Neptune.

Operation Shingle: Allied landings near Anzio, Italy in January 1944.

Operation Slapstick: British landings at Taranto, Italy on September 9, 1943. See also Operation Avalanche and Operation Baytown.

Operation Torch: Allied invasion of North Africa with landings in Morocco and Algeria starting November 8, 1942.

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