Verst. Kw. (Kfz. 24): Maintenance Truck

German Verst. Kw. (Kfz. 24): Maintenance TruckGerman nomenclature: Verstarker­kraft­wagen (Kfz. 24) mit Einheits­fahrgestell II für schwerer Pkw.

English designation: Maintenance truck with standard chassis II for heavy armored car.

Net weight       3,150 kg       6,945 lb.
Pay load 1,750 kg3,857 lb.
Gross weight 4,300 kg9,480 lb.
Weight: Front axle2,000 kg4,409 lb.
Weight: Rear axle2,330 kg5,137 lb.
Length (overall)4,850 mm15 ft., 11 ins.
Width (overall)2,000 mm6 ft., 7 ins.
Height (overall)2,760 mm9 ft., 5/8 in.
Ground clearance230 mm9 ins.
Tread centers1,640 mm5 ft., 4 ins.
Wheelbase3,000 mm118 ins.
Wheel width210 mm8 1/4 ins.
Angle of approach 55°
Angle of departure 45°
Seating capacity
Fording depth 500 mm19 7/8 ins.
Climbing ability 25°
Overturn gradient (lengthwise) 45°
Overturn gradient (crosswise) 30°
Turning radius16.5 meters54 ft., 1 in.
Engine horsepower 90 c-v88.8 hp
Piston displacement4,000 cu cm240 cu. ins.
Fuel tank capacity120 liters31.7 gal.
Highway fuel consumption 6.7 m.p.g.
Average terrain fuel consumption 5.2 m.p.g.

German: p. 74.18

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