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Tiefld. Anh. F. Pz. Kpfw. (Bs. Ah. 642): Heavy Tank Transporter

Tieflader für Panzerkampfwagen: Tiefld. Anh. F. Pz. Kpfw. (Bs. Ah. 642): Heavy Tank Transporter

The German heavy-transport trailer is used primarily for transporting tanks and similar automotive equipment. It is capable of carrying a load of 60 tons.

The trailer consists of front and rear bogies with a load platform suspended between them. The platform is constructed of two main I-beams and two secondary I-beams parallel to each other. The platform is attached to the bogies by securing the two fingers of the bogie section in rectangular slots of the primary I-beam by means of large pins. The front bogie attachment is semipermanent while the rear bogie attachment is removable, providing a low ramp angle.

Each bogie assembly consists of two axles carrying four single pneumatic-tired wheels independently sprung on leaf-type springs 4 feet in length. The size of the 16 ply tires is 13.50 x 20. All four wheels of the front bogie assembly steer by means of a drawbar attached to the prime mover. Rear bogie wheels are steered by the trailer driver who operates a steering wheel. When the trailer is under full load the driver is aided in steering by a double-acting air piston tied into the linkage so that power is exerted whenever the wheel is turned. The air for the steering and for the air-brakes is furnished by the towing vehicle. Four air-reservoir tanks are provided, one on the front bogie for the front air-brakes and three on the rear bogie, one used for rear air-brakes and two for steering. When aided by rear steering the turning radius of the trailer is approximately 58 feet. The driver on the rear bogie is provided with a steering-indicator dial on the steering-wheel column. On either side of this dial are two small indicator-lamps used to indicate steering instructions from the driver of the prime mover.


Total weight, unloaded     31,810 lb.
Front bogie section weight 9,560 lb.
Platform weight 10,850 lb.
Rear bogie section weight 11,400 lb.
Load-carrying capacity 60 tons (est.)
Length 38 ft., 10 1/2 ins.
Width 8 ft., 3 1/2 ins. (tire centers)
Ground clearance 22 ins.
Ground to platform top 27 ins.
Platform size 19 ft., 1 in. x 9 ft., 10 1/2 ins.
Front bogie section length 9 ft., 9 ins.
Rear bogie section length 9 ft., 7 ins.
Drawbar length 5 ft., 4 ins.
Wheelbase (front bogie to rear bogie) 28 ft., 8 ins.
Wheelbase (within bogie) 4 ft., 6 ins.

German: p. 62