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T. Mi. 42: Tellermine—Type 2

 T. Mi. 42: Tellermine—Type 2 (WW2 Teller Mine Antitank Mine)

The type 2 Tellermine consists of a flat, circular steel bottom, a steel body having a cylindrical sidewall, and a slightly dome-shaped top with a centrally located well approximately 6.9 inches in diameter. A fluted pressure top is fitted into the well. The silhouette of this mine differs from those of types 1 and 3 principally in that the central pressure top with the fuze well cover extends above the surface of the rest of the body. The mine also contains two other detonator wells, one in the side of the body and one in the bottom.

The igniter body is cylindrical in form and is approximately 1.5 inches long and .81 inch in diameter. The firing-pin head extends above the surface of the body, is hemispherical in shape, and is supported by a heavy shear pin which rests on the upper surface of the body. The lower end has a threaded extension over which a thin metal cap containing a paper disk is screwed. This cap is used as a protection for the primer and, with the paper disk removed, as a means for holding the detonator against the igniter prior to assembly in the mine.

A bursting charge of 10.75 pounds of cast TNT is used. Three PETN booster pellets are imbedded in the bursting charge, one around each detonating well.


Diameter        12.7 ins.
Height 4.00 ins.
Weight 18.36 lb.
Bursting charge Cast TNT or 50/50 Amatol
Bursting charge weight 10.75 lb.
Booster pellets 3 PETN

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