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20 cm Leichte Ladungswerfer: Spigot Mortar

20 cm Leichte Ladungswerfer: Spigot Mortar

This electrically fired weapon, recently developed for service in engineer units of the German Army, is used principally to destroy minefields, concrete fieldworks, wires, etc. Two types of ammunition are used with the mortar: a heavy high-explosive bomb and a smoke bomb. The range is comparatively short.

The weapon comprises a spigot with supporting arm, a bipod mounting, and a base plate. The barrel, or spigot, consists of a drawn steel tube reduced at its lower end and screw threaded externally to receive the supporting arm and base plate. It is bored transversely at its lower end to receive contact pieces and insulation for the electrical firing gear. A T-shaped contact tube, held in position by an insulating spacing washer at the front end, extends from the contact pieces up into the spigot. The front end of the spigot is closed by a screw plug which is bored centrally to house a contact plug, the insulating bushes, and the firing needle and spring. The front face is prepared with an undercut groove to form a bayonet joint when the cartridge is placed in position.

The tubular supporting arm is elbow shaped. The rear is formed with a boss bored to receive the spigot; the front is solid and screw-threaded to receive a collar for positioning in the cradle.

The base plate, of usual German mortar design, is constructed with strengthening webs and spikes on the bottom. Elevating, traversing, and cross-leveling gears are all located on the bipod mounting which is attached to the supporting arm.


Caliber         200 mm (7.87 ins.)
Weight in action (total) 205 lb.
Weight of bipod 43 lb.
Weight of spigot and supporting arm 73.5 lb.
Weight of base plate 84 lb.
Length of spigot 1.76 ft.
Diameter of spigot 3.5 ins.
Range (max. with H.E. bomb) 766 yds.
Sight Collimating sight (Richtaufsatz 39)

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