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Gr. Kühlb. Anh. (Sd. Ah. 107): Large Refrigeration Trailer

Gr. Kühlb. Anh. (Sd. Ah. 107): Large Refrigeration TrailerGerman nomenclature: Grosskühl­be­halter­anhänger (Sd. Ah. 107).

English designation: Large refrigeration trailer.


Net weight
Pay load
Gross weight
Weight: axle         2,000 kg         4,409 lb.
Length (overall) 4,650 mm 15 ft., 3 ins.
Width (overall) 2,260 mm 7 ft., 5 ins.
Height (overall) 2,575 mm 8 ft., 5 ins.
Ground clearance 320 mm 12 1/2 ins.
Tread centers
Wheel width
Angle of approach
Angle of departure
Seating capacity
Fording depth
Overturn gradient (crosswise)
Piston displacement 4000 cu cm 240 cu. ins.
Revolutions per minute
Type (cycles)
Capacity of fuel tank
Fuel consumption per operating hour
Total running time on one tank filling

German: p. 74.82