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Rifle Dischargers

Rifle Dischargers (Cup and Spigot Type)The two standard German rifle dischargers are the cup type (Schiessbecher) and the spigot type. The former is made of steel and consists of a rifled barrel which screws into a holder fitted with a clamp for attaching it to the rifle barrel. There are no gas ports, and varying ranges are obtained by altering the elevation of the rifle by the aid of the sighting attachment. The latter type consists of a hollow tubular spigot about one inch in diameter, terminating in a part resembling the hilt of a bayonet. It is fitted to the rifle in the same manner as a bayonet, and is locked in position by a spring-loaded bolt. The hollow tailpiece of the grenade is fitted over the spigot, and on firing the propelling cartridge, the gasses pass out of the barrel of the rifle through the spigot and into the hollow tailpiece to propel the grenade. Both a swing-over blade front sight and a rear sight are provided.

German: p. 320