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Motor-Karrete (Austro-Daimler) ADMK: Wheeled/Tracked Reconnaissance Vehicle

Motor-Karrete (Austro-Daimler) ADMK: Wheeled/Tracked Reconnaissance Vehicle

The German wheeled/tracked reconnaissance vehicle is particularly effective in steep and hilly terrain, and in swamps and marshy lowlands where high traction and light weight are desirable. The personnel-carrying capacity is six, and it is capable of towing a trailer load of 2,640 pounds. The Motor-Karrete is capable of operating as a wheeled vehicle and will turn on a radius of 27 feet. It can also operate as a half track vehicle with a turning radius of 8 feet, 2 inches. As a full track vehicle its turning radius is 6 feet, 8 inches.

The three adaptations are accomplished by raising or lowering the front wheels which appear to be mounted on a bell-crank, torsion-type front axle, while the rear wheels (when dismounted from the rear suspension) are mounted on a false axle supported above the rear of the vehicle. The dry-pin steel track is guided from the outside center over a single-tooth front sprocket and a single-flange rear idler. Four small bogie wheels articulate in pairs on a common structure attached to the rear axle. The suspension includes semi-elliptic spring over the rear axle, while rotation of the vehicle is stabilized by a quarter elliptic spring from the front sprocket axle.

The 20 hp. engine is mounted in the rear. The fuel tank capacity is 10 gallons and fuel consumption on highways is 14 m.p.g.—on average terrain 6.8 m.p.g.

The net weight of the vehicle is 3,806 pounds; combat weight, 5,060 pounds. The weight distribution is: front axle 990 pounds; rear axle 4,070 pounds.


Weight        3,806 lb.
Length 12 ft.
Width 5 ft.
Height 4 ft., 9 ins.
Ground clearance Unknown
Tread centers (wheel, 50 ins.), (track, 34 ins.)
Ground contact 53 ins.
Width of track 7.5 ins. (wheel, 5.5 ins.)
Track links 70
Pitch of track
Fording depth 20 ins.
Theoretical radius of action
     Roads 124 miles
     Cross-country 68 miles
     Front plate
Ammunition (rds.)
Engine 20 hp.
Crew 6

German: p. 49