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Haft-Hohlladung 3 Kg.: Magnetic Hollow Charge Antitank Mine

Haft-Hohlladung 3 Kg.: Magnetic Hollow Charge Antitank Mine

The German magnetic, hollow-charge, antitank mine, designed for use by tank-hunting squads, consists of a main filling of TNT in a pressed metal container of conical shape. The conical container has an elongated apex threaded externally at its upper end to receive a closing cap. The closing cap is fitted with a detonator well, and threaded internally to receive a standard (B.Z.E.) friction igniter which has a 4.5 second delay.

The base of the cone is attached to a plywood framework. Three horseshoe type magnets, sufficiently powerful to cause the mine to adhere to a vertical surface, are fixed to the bottom of the frame. During transit, the magnets are fitted with a keeper. A brass chain terminating in a hook is also attached to the frame.


Weight of live charge       7 lbs., 12 1/2 oz.
Weight of explosive (TNT) 1 lb., 15 1/2 oz.
Weight of booster (Pentrite) 3 oz.
Height of charge 10 3/4 ins.
Height of bursting charge container 7 3/4 ins.
Height of magnets 2 3/4 ins.
Height of apex of hollow cone 6 7/16 ins.
Diameter of base of hollow cone 4 3/16 ins.

German: p. 304.5 (March 1, 1945)