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Werkstattzug: Work Shop Train

Werkstattzug Machine Shop Truck

The German workshop train is reported to consist of eight vehicles, among which are (1) the spare parts truck which has a stake body and canvas top and carries various types of spare parts for automotive equipment stowed in cabinet bins; (2) the machine shop truck which has a van-type body and is equipped with electrically driven lathe, drill press, bench grinder, and valve grinding-machine, together with various tools used for automotive repair; (3) the electrical repair truck which has a van-type body and is equipped with armature grinder, battery chargers, soldering irons, spark plug tester, etc. The electrical repair truck is used in conjunction with automotive repair work as it is also equipped with wheel aligner and diesel injector testing machine.

The electrical motor-driven units of the two van-type trucks require an external source of current, believed to be either 220 volts or 380 volts inasmuch as the trucks have no generating equipment except for the starter and light circuits. By means of an electrical control panel, switches, and circuit breakers the correct voltage for use by the electric motors is selected from the external current, believed to emanate from a truck-drawn trailer fitted with generating equipment.

All three vehicles have the Bussing Nag 4½-ton truck chassis, Model 4500A four wheel drive.

The personnel of the entire train, including the foreman, drivers, electricians, tinsmiths, blacksmith, saddlemaker, painter, carpenter, and mechanics, numbers about thirty.


Weight         9.5 tons
Load 9,620 lb.
Length 24 ft., 11 ins. (overall)
Width 7 ft., 6¾ ins.
Height 10 ft., 1 in. (to top of body)
Ground clearance 11 in. (front), 11¾ in (rear)
Wheelbase 15 ft., 10 ins.
Length of body panel 14 ft., 7¼ ins.
Front wheel centers 6 ft., 4¾ ins.
Weight distribution
   Front 7,900 lb.
   Rear 11,060 lb.
   Front 270 x 20, single
   Rear 270 x 20, double
Fording depth 30 ins.
Theoretical radius of action
   Roads 310 miles
   Roads 40 m.p.h. max.; 26 m.p.h. normal
Fuel tank capacity 29 gals.
Engine Diesel, 4 cycle, 105 hp. at 1,800 r.p.m.
Transmission 5 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Clutch Double plate, dry
Steering Normal, worm gear
Differential gear Spiral bevel type
Driving axle Floating type rear axle
Brakes Compressed air-hydraulic, 4 wheels

German: p. 61