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7.5 cm l.I.G. 18: Light Infantry Howitzer

7.5 cm l.I.G. 18: Light Infantry Howitzer

The 7.5 cm infantry howitzer is a close support weapon that can be split into six loads for transport. The barrel, approximately 30 inches long, is housed in a slipper block which is bored centrally to take a firing-hole bushing at the front, and a striker, main spring, and cover at the rear. The muzzle end of the barrel is formed with trunnions which move in recesses in the slipper block.

The breech mechanism operates on a different principle from that of most standard German artillery. When the breech mechanism lever is pulled to the rear, the movement causes the actuating link to be revolved in the slipper block. The inner stud of the actuating link, being displaced from the bearing center of the link, is given a circular motion causing the slide to be raised and drawn slightly to the rear. The slide, dovetailed to the breech ring, revolves the barrel about its trunnions and raises the breech end to the open position. The gun cannot be fired again until the barrel is properly closed.

There are two versions of the box type carriage, one on artillery wheels and the other on pneumatic-tired disk wheels. The shield is in five parts.

The recoil system is carried in the cradle of the carriage; the buffer on the left and the hydropneumatic recuperator on the right. A communicating channel with a valve to regulate the flow connects the cylinders. The elevating and traversing gears are located on the right and left sides respectively.

A sighting system which works on the reciprocating principle is used. It is fitted with a range drum graduated to 1,320 meters, a correction scale for the five charges used, and a Rundblickfernrohr 16 (Rbl. F. 16) dial sight.

Ammunition used with the l.I.G. 18 is of the high-explosive and hollow-charge type.


Caliber         75 mm (2.95 ins.)
Weight in action 880 lb.
Length of piece 10 cals.
Carriage Box type
Recoil mechanism Hydraulic & spring type
Rate of fire (sustained) 6 rds./min.
Muzzle velocity 730 f/s
Range (maximum) 3,880 yds.
Elevation 73°
Depression -10°
Traverse 12°

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