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Pz. Jäg. Tiger für 12.8 cm PJK 44 (Sd. Kfz. 186): Self-Propelled Gun


The Jägdtiger was the most formidable self-propelled antitank gun used by the Germans. It consists of a 12.8 cm PJK 44 (L/55) (less muzzle brake), mounted on a Tiger B chassis.

The hull consists of the normal Tiger B with a builtup superstructure to form a fixed turret. The front plate of the superstructure is 250 mm thick and slopes back at 15° to the vertical. It is made of one solid piece of cast steel armor. The sides of the superstructure are made in one piece with the sloped sides of the fixed turret and, like the Tiger B, are 80 mm thick sloped at 25 degrees. The rear plate of the superstructure is also 80 mm thick with a 10° slope.

The main armament consists of a 12.8 cm PJK 44 set in the center of the front plate of the built-up superstructure. It has a cast, bell-shaped gun shield similar in design to that of the 8.8 cm Kw. K. 43 on the Tiger B. The spherical housing of the gun cradle mounting pivots on a steel ball. The gun is electrically fired and has a vertical sliding breechblock. Separate loading ammunition is used, and the same cartridge case is utilized for armor piercing and high explosive rounds.

With A.P.C. ammunition, penetration of approximately 6 inches of armor at 1,000 yards at 30° is effected; with A.P.C.B.C. ammunition, the penetration is approximately 8 inches.


Weight       77 tons
Length (overall) 23 ft., 11 ins.
Width (overall) 12 ft., 7 ins.
Height (overall) 9 ft., 3 ins.
Ground clearance 19 ins.
Tread centers 103/110 ins.
Ground contact 13 ft., 4 ins.
Width of track 26/31 1/2 ins.
Pitch of track 5.9 ins.
Track links 92 (46 double shoes)
Fording depth 69 ins.
Theoretical radius of action:
   Roads 106 miles
   Cross country 75 miles
   Roads 23.6 m.p.h.
   Cross country 10 m.p.h.
   Front plate of superstructure 250 mm at 15° to vertical
   Sides of superstructure 80 mm at 25° to vertical
Armament 12.8 cm PJK 44
Ammunition A.P.C.; A.P.C.B.C.
Engine Maybach HL 230
Transmission 8 speeds forward; 4 reverse
Steering Two radius system
Crew 6

German: p. 40 (August 1, 1945)

Pz. Jäg. IV für 7.5 cm Pak 39 (L/48): Self-Propelled Antitank Gun

Pz. Jäg. IV für 7.5 cm Pak 39 (L/48): Self-Propelled Antitank Gun

This equipment consists of a Pz. Jäg. IV chassis upon which is mounted a 7.5 cm Pak 39 (L/48). The chassis is a modified Pz. Kpfw. IV, designed to mount either the 7.5 cm Pak 39 (L/48) or the 7.5 cm Stu. K. 42 (L/70).

The chassis has upper and lower nose plates sloped at 45° and 57° respectively. The all-welded construction of the hull is retained, and this structure is strengthened by limited interlocking of the front plates. The main armament is mounted in the sloping front plate of a squat all-welded superstructure, and is offset 8 inches to the off-side of the center line. The mounting is of gimbal type, and is protected externally by a heavy casting. The superstructure is bolted through angle sections to the lower hull. The sloping sides of the superstructure are extended beyond the vertical hull sides over the width of the tracks, and the rear edges of the floor of the sponsons so formed are locked upon the hull angle section. The rear superstructure and engine cover plates are similar to those of the Pz. Kpfw. IV. Spaced plates of 5 mm armor are bolted to brackets welded to the basic side plates of the rear superstructure sides. The armor is treated with Zimmerit. Mechanically, the vehicle is similar to the Pz. Kpfw. IV, but with small modifications. The final spur gear carries 41 teeth instead of the 40 on the tank. The final drive sprockets are of cast steel with webs of flat section instead of the rounded spokes of the tank sprockets.


Length 19 ft., 4 ins.
Width 9 ft., 7 ins.
Ground clearance 15 ins.
Tread centers 7 ft., 11 ins.
Ground contact 11 ft., 6 ins.
Width of track 15 ins.
Pitch of track 4 3/4 ins.
Track links 98
Fording depth 3 ft.
Theoretical radius of action:
   Roads 130 miles
   Cross country 80 miles
   Roads 28 m.p.h.
   Cross country 15 m.p.h.
   Front plate of superstructure 60 mm at 50° angle
   Sides of superstructure 30 mm at 30° angle
Armament 7.5 cm Pak 39 (L/48)
Ammunition (Rds.)
Engine Maybach HL 120 TRM, 320 hp.
Transmission Synchromesh—6 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Steering Epicylic, clutch brake
Crew 5

German: p. 34.2 (August 1, 1945)

Pz. Jäg. “Panther” für 8.8 cm Pak 43/3 (Sd. Kfz. 173): S.P. Antitank or Assault Gun (Gun Motor Carriage)

Jagdpanther - Pz. Jäg. Panther für 8.8 cm Pak 43/3 (Sd. Kfz. 173)

The standard Model A Panther chassis is used for building this vehicle. The vehicle embodies all of the engineering principles and methods of design accumulated by the Germans up to the time of its production, and is quite effective as an antitank or assault weapon.

The hull and fighting compartment are of all welded construction. The fighting compartment is 45 inches in height at the front and 57 inches at the rear. The length of the roof is 93 inches and the width 72 inches.

The steering mechanism, “one radius steering,” is new. It is unnecessary to engage the transmission in order to turn or traverse the tank through 360 degrees. The use of either steering lever will traverse the tank in a small radius or on the spot. The annulus gear of each of the two epicyclics is driven by the transmission output shaft and is subject to seven speeds forward and one reverse. The sun gears are held stationary on the straightaway by steering brakes. In making a turn, the inside sun gear is released to rotate backward for a sharper turn, the inside sun gear is driven by engagement through a steering clutch with the engine.

The vehicle is armed with the 8.8 cm Pak 43/3 gun in a massive cast steel mantlet which is flexibly mounted in a cast steel ring welded to the front plate. Traverse is 11 degrees. Stowage is provided for 29 rounds of each of two types of ammunition. One M.G. 34 is ball mounted in the front plate to the right. Driver’s vision is by periscope. Fuel capacity is 193 gallons, of which 34 gallons are held in auxiliary.


Weight         45 tons
Length (overall) Including gun 28 ft., 4 ins.
     Excluding gun 22 ft., 8 ins.
Width (overall) 10 ft., 10 ins.
Height (overall) 9 ft., 10 ins.
Ground clearance 21 ins.
Tread centers 8 ft., 7½ ins.
Ground contact 12 ft., 9½ ins.
Width of track 26 ins.
Pitch of track 6 ins.
Track links 67
Fording depth 67 ins.
Theoretical radius of action
     Roads 124 miles
     Cross-country 62 miles
     Roads 34 m.p.h.
     Cross-country 15-18 m.p.h.
     Front plate 80 mm at 55° to the vertical
     Sides 45 mm at 30° to the vertical
     Rear 40 mm at 30° to the vertical
     Top 17 mm at 85° to the vertical
Armament 8.8 cm Pak 43/3 (MV 3.280 f/s, A.P.C.B.C.), M.G. 34
Ammunition (Rds.) 58 (8.8 cm)
Engine Maybach HL 230 P 30 V12 gasoline
Transmission Synchromesh 7 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Steering One radius double drive epicyclic
Crew 5

German: p. 38.1 (August 1, 1945)