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Panzerwurfmine (L): Hollow Charge Antitank Hand Grenade

Panzerwurfmine (L): Hollow Charge Antitank Hand Grenade

The Panzerwurfmine (L) consists of a metal body and a wooden handle to which four canvas fins are attached. The grenade is intended to be thrown by hand, and is armed by the removal of a metal cap at the base of the handle. This cap not only acts as a fuze cover, but also serves to hold the fins close against the handle of the grenade before throwing.

The body is made in two pieces crimped together and attached to the handle by a metal band. It contains an 18 1/2 oz. filling of 50/50 R.D.X./T.N.T. cast around a hollow charge liner made of pressed steel.

A sensitive impact fuze consisting of a striker, a creep spring, and two steel balls is located in the base of the handle. The two balls fit into a recess in the striker and are held outward by a safety pin fitting between them, causing them to bear against the top of the striker housing and preventing the striker from moving down onto the primer. Beneath the primer in the base of the handle is a detonator and a picric acid booster. A small length of tape is attached to the safety pin at one end, and is held in at the other end by the metal cap and a semicircular clip attached to one fin and fitting around the handle.

When the grenade is thrown, the fins which are attached to the handle by steel ribs open out umbrella fashion, and the clip attached to one fin is pulled away from the housing. This action releases the tape which unwinds and pulls the safety pin out of the striker. During flight, the two steel balls move in, freeing the striker which compresses the creep spring on impact, setting off the primer, detonator, booster, and main filling.


Overall length          21 ins.
Length of body 9 ins.
Length of fins 11 ins.
Diameter of body 4 1/2 ins.
Weight (approx.) 3 lb.
Filling Cast R.D.X./T.N.T.
Color of body Grey

German: p. 304.4