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Pottery Hand Grenade

pottery-hand-grenadeThis hand grenade, made of terra cotta, and, like the Model 3 Flower Pot Land Mine, filled with Type 88 explosive, is assumed to be a Navy weapon. Except for the neck at the top, it is spherical, consisting of two halves baked together. It is light brown, in color, and lightly glazed both inside and out. The grenade is encased in a straw-colored, waterproof rubber sack.

The ignition system consists of a match composition and scratch block, a 4-5-second delay element, a lead azide initiator, and a tetryl booster. All are encased in a rubber tube except the match composition which is lacquered into the neck of the grenade. In order to operate the grenade, the small rubber covering is removed from the top and the scratch block is struck on the protruding match composition, igniting the delay element.


Height (base to top of neck)         99 mm—3.9 ins.
Diameter 79 mm—3.1 ins.
Total weight 1 lb.
Weight of explosive 100 grams—3.5 ozs.
Pottery thickness 7/16 inch

Japanese: p. 304.2 (April 1, 1945)

Shaving Stick Grenade

Shaving Stick GrenadeThis is a thin-cased offensive type grenade with a B. Z. E. friction igniter screwed into the top. The cylindrical body is made of aluminum and painted yellow. There are two models of this grenade, one 3 5/8 inches long and the other 4 inches long. This grenade may also be used as a booby trap by the insertion of a D. Z. 35 Pressure Igniter. To operate the grenade, the head of the igniter is unscrewed and pulled, drawing the wire through the friction composition and igniting the delay pellet. The grenade is then thrown and after a 4-5 second delay, the delay element initiates the detonator.

Overall length        3 5/8 or 4 ins.
Color Yellow body with blue igniter head
Maximum diameter 2 ins.
Igniter B. Z. E.
Delay 4-5 sec.

German: p. 322

Eierhandgranate 39: Egg-Type Hand Grenade Model 39

Eierhandgranate 39: Egg-Type Hand Grenade Model 39This grenade consists of a thin egg-shaped case filled with an explosive charge, and a friction type igniter with a delay pellet. The upper end of the friction wire in the igniter is attached to a disc in the head which screws on to the top of the body. In operation, the head is unscrewed and pulled, drawing the wire through the friction composition and igniting the delay pellet. After a delay of from 4 to 5 seconds the pellet initiates the detonator which in turn sets off the explosive filler.

This type hand grenade has been used as a booby trap by fitting a non-delay friction igniter which can be identified by its left-hand threads.

Overall length       3 ins.
Maximum diameter 2 ins.
Color Black body with blue igniter head
Weight of explosive filler 3.85 oz.
Weight 12 ozs.
Igniter B. Z. 39
Delay       4-5 sec.

German: p. 321

Stielhandgranaten 24 u. 39: Stick Hand Grenade Models 24 and 39

Stielhandgranaten 24 u. 39: Stick Hand Grenade Models 24 and 39The head of this grenade is a thin steel casing containing the explosive filler. This is screwed onto a hollow wooden handle through the center of which runs a double length of cord. This cord connects at the forward end to a friction pull igniter (B. Z. 24) and at the rear to a porcelain ball in a metal cap. In operation, the cap is removed, the porcelain ball pulled, and the missile thrown to detonate after a 4-5 second delay.


Overall length        1 ft., 2 ins.
Diameter of body 2 3/4 ins.
Color of body Olive drab
Weight 1 lb., 5 oz.
Weight of explosive filler 6 ozs.
Explosive filler T.N.T.
Igniter B. Z. 24
Delay 4-5 sec.


Overall length        1 ft., 4 ins.
Color Olive drab
Weight 1 lb., 6 ozs.
Weight of explosive filler 7 ozs.
Igniter B. Z. 24
Delay 4-5 sec.

German: p. 321

Offensive Disc Type Grenade

German Offensive Disc Type Grenade - WWIIThis grenade, a new type of offensive weapon, has no outer casing or cover, but consists merely of a disc cut from a pre-cast or pressed pellet of explosive, and an igniter. The disc, which is believed to be R.D.X./wax, is 3 5/16 inches in diameter and 17/32 inches thick. It is drilled to receive the igniter and detonator.

A standard friction igniter with a delay of approximately six seconds, and a detonator (Sprengkapsel 08) are used.


Diameter of disc         3 5/16 ins.
Thickness of disc 17/32 in.
Explosive R.D.X./wax
Color Chocolate

German: p. 320.1 (May 1, 1945)

Stielhandgranate 43: New Type Stick Hand Grenade

Stielhandgranate 43

The new ype German Stick Grenade, consisting of a head filled with TNT, a smooth fragmentation sleeve, fitted over the head, and a detachable wooden handle, is a modification of the standard Stielhandgranate 24 described on page 321.

The later model, however, does not have a friction igniter operated by a cord running through the handle. Instead, the detonator and 4 1/2-second delay igniter similar to that used with the egg grenade, are screwed into the top of the explosive head. The grenade may be thrown with or without the handle. Arming and priming are the same as for the egg grenade.

German: p. 320.1 (May 1, 1945)