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7.7 mm Explosive Cartridge

Japanese Explosive Cartridge

This fixed round of ammunition consists of a brass cartridge case and a high explosive projectile. The semi-rimless case is tapered, forming a neck which fits over the projectile. The top of the neck is coned into the cannelure of the bullet. The base of the case is recessed to take a simple percussion type primer, and the rest of the case is filled with a propelling charge of graphited nitro-cellulose grains, about half of which, in the specimens examined, had a very fine axial perforation.

The brass projectile is cylindrical in shape with a truncated ogival nose. It contains a brass inner compartment, ogival in shape and open at the base, and a hammer consisting of a lead antimony plug encased in a brass sheath. The rear of the projectile is also open, the walls being turned in to retain the hammer. Both the main projectile and the inner compartment. are filled with the explosive charge, a mixture of PETN and RDX. A white felt washer pressed into the base of the inner compartment protects the explosive charge from the effect of setback when the round is fired.

When the projectile strikes a target, the hammer in the rear end sets forward crushing the explosive against the walls of both the inner and main compartments, causing the projectile to explode.


Caliber        7.7 mm (.303 in.)
Weight of complete round 26.15 grms.—.915 oz.
Length of complete round 3 3/32 ins.
Length of cartridge case 2 9/32 ins.
Weight of cartridge case (without percussion cap) 14.93 grms.—.523 oz.
Weight of projectile 10.69 grms.—.374 oz.
Length of projectile 1 15/32 ins.
Maximum diameter 0.310 in.
Thickness of main compartment walls 0.021 in.
Weight of main compartment 2.95 grms.—.103 oz.
Thickness of inner compartment walls 0.008 in.
Weight of inner compartment 0.20 grms.—.007 oz.
Height of inner compartment 0.390 in.
Length of hammer 0.700 in.
Weight of hammer 6.65 grms.—.233 oz.
Diameter of hammer 0.258 in.

Japanese: p. 221 (April 1, 1945)

Sprengpatrone für Kampfpistole: H.E. Cartridge for 27 mm: Ammunition for 27 mm Signal Pistol

Sprengpatrone für Kampfpistole: H.E. Cartridge for 27 mm: Ammunition for 27 mm Signal PistolThis grenade consists of a die cast aluminum container which encases a steel tube containing the explosive charge. Into the steel tube is screwed a direct action nose fuze with a protruding striker head. The striker is held away from the detonator by six steel balls kept in position by a steel collar supported on three aluminum pins. The creep spring separates the striker and primer beneath which is a booster separated from the main filling by an empty air space. The black powder propelling charge is contained in a cup with a lead Styphnate primer. The grenade has grooves on the aluminum body fitting the rifling of the Kampfpistole from which it is discharged.

Overall length        3 ins.
Color Unpainted aluminum
Weight of complete round 5 ozs.
Weight of projectile 3 1/2 ozs.
Filler PETN/Wax
Weight of filler .77 oz.
Propellant Graphited black powder

German: p. 325