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8.8 cm Pzgr. patr.: 8.8 cm A.P.C.B.C., H.E. Ammunition

8.8 cm Pzgr. patr.: 8.8 cm A.P.C.B.C., H.E. Ammunition

The German 8.8 cm A.P.C.B.C., H.E. ammunition consists of an armor-piercing capped projectile of conventional design, crimped in a primed brass cartridge case. The projectile is loaded with a TNT bursting charge and fuzed with a base-detonating fuze containing a tracer. The brass cartridge case holds a double base, single-perforated propelling charge with a nitrocellulose powder igniter and a short percussion type primer.

The projectile as fired weighs 20.71 pounds. Both the projectile body and the armor-piercing cap are made of steel. The cap is soldered to the body, and a sheet steel windshield is attached to the cap by a series of spot welds. The large fuze body occupies a considerable part of the explosive cavity which is comparatively large for an armor-piercing projectile. The weight of the explosive charge is approximately 1.8% of the total weight of the projectile. The bursting charge is contained in an aluminum case conforming to the contour of the cavity except that the forward end is flat. A molded plastic button which conforms to the contour of the cavity is located between the front of the charge case and the small forward end of the cavity. This button acts as a cushion for the charge upon impact of the projectile on the target. A tar-like compound fills the space between the projectile walls and the aluminum charge case to prevent the case from slipping upon rotation of the projectile.

The pressed bursting charge has 5.5% wax blended with it. The base fuze has a steel body with a threaded extension at the base end to receive a tracer assembly.

The fuze has a slight delay and arms on centrifugal force.


Type of ammunition         A.P.C.B.C., H.E.
Weight of complete round         32.74 lb.
Weight of projectile         20.71 lb.
Weight of bursting charge         37 lb. (1.8% of wt. of proj.)
Weight of propellant         2,471 grams
Weight of fuze with tracer and detonator assembly         2.18 lb.

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