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7.5 cm Multiple Fortress Rocket Projector

7.5 cm Multiple Fortress Rocket Projector - German WWII

This projector consists of 28 projector rails mounted in four rows of seven each, at the forward end of a long, low carriage. The projectors are constructed of welded T-section steel bar. Each row is a separate assembly, and is bolted to an inclined welded steel superstructure built above the carriage. The projectors are displaced from the center both for line and elevation to give dispersement of fire. Each row is fired as a unit by means of a bar provided with a firing hammer and striker for each projector. Each of the four bars may be separately cocked, and all may be fired by one pull of the firing cable from the central point.

The carriage consists of a framework of U-section steel extended well to the rear, where it terminates in a protected control point containing the elevating handwheel, the firing cable, and two handgrips for traverse. A 1 cm thick (0.39 inches) protection shield is provided. There are two metal-rimmed, rubber sprung detachable wheels 27 inches in diameter. The equipment can be traversed about a fixed center pivot or about its wheels. The center pivot is locked into a bracket welded to the center of the axle-tree and rear support is provided by two steel rollers welded on the under side of the carriage.

Each row of projectors is independently trunnioned and all four are elevated together by means of a linkage through a chain drive from the handwheel.


Overall length (approx.)        14 ft.
Overall width        5 ft., 11 ins.
Track (wheel center to center)        5 ft., 7 7/8 ins.
Width of each projector frame        49 ins.
Depth of each projector frame        5 3/4 ins.
Maximum height (above center pivot platform)        3 ft., 4 ins.
Maximum height (on road wheels)        4 ft., 5 ins.
Elevation (approx.)        55°
Depression (approx.)       

German: p. 352.3 (August 1, 1945)