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6.5 mm Sniper’s Rifle Model 97 (1937)

Japanese 6.5 mm Sniper's Rifle Model 97 (1937)

The Japanese 6.5 mm Sniper’s Rifle, Model 97, is a manually operated, bolt-action, air-cooled, shoulder weapon similar to the Model 38 (1905) 6.5 mm rifle except for its monopod, turned-down bolt handle, and telescopic sight. The telescopic sight is attached to the left hand side of the receiver by means of a dove-tailed base. It is a fixed focus type of 2.5 power and has a 10° field of vision.

The telescopic sight is approximately seven inches long and is equipped with an eyepiece of soft rubber. The reticle is marked in the following graduations: vertical from 0 to 15, horizontal 20 mils each side of the center, the markings being at 5 mil intervals. The horizontal line intersects the vertical scale at the 3 mark.

The telescopic sight is removable and when not in use is carried in a well constructed canvas case which has a heavy coating of lacquer on the outside for waterproofing. The case is fitted on the inside with a wooden spacer to secure the sight when it is inside. A small pocket to hold the sight cleaning brush is also constructed inside the case.

The rifle is also provided with a folding monopod which is pivoted on the lower band.


Weight (w/ telescopic sight)         10 lbs., 8 oz.
Length (overall w/o bayonet) 50.25 ins.
Sight radius 26.9 ins.
Principle of operation Manual, bolt-action
Feeding device Box magazine
Capacity of feeding device 5 rounds
Cooling system Air
Ammunition types Mod. 38, 6.5 mm ball and reduced charge ball
Rate of fire According to dexterity of user
Type of sight 2.5x telescopic sight
Weight of barrel
Length of barrel 31.4 ins.
Length of rifling 29.1 ins.
Twist Uniform R.H. one turn in 7.88 ins.
Form Metford segmental
No. of grooves 4
Depth of grooves
Width of grooves
Chamber pressure
Muzzle velocity 2,400 ft. per sec.
Muzzle energy
Maximum range 2,600 yds.
Effective range (approx.) 600 yds.
Type of mount Folding monopod

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