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15 cm K. 39: Medium Field Gun

German 15 cm K. 39: Medium Field Gun

The K. 39 was gradually replacing the K. 18 as Germany’s standard medium mobile artillery weapon. It is basically the same design as the earlier model, and has an identical range, muzzle velocity, and chamber pressure. Modifications to the piece, while extensive, were confined largely to the carriage, which resembles the 15 cm s.F.H. 18, page 105.

The tube is approximately two inches longer than that of the K. 18, and the rifling was changed from a 6° constant twist to a variable one, increasing from 4° 17′ to 5° 59′. The breech mechanism is of the horizontal sliding block type. The hydraulic recoil cylinder is apparently the same as that on the K. 18, but the hydropneumatic counterrecoil cylinder is shorter and larger in diameter than that of the earlier model. Length of recoil varies from 1250 mm to 1500 mm (49.2 inches to 59.2 inches). The equilibrators of both the K. 18 and the K. 39 are of the push type, but those on the K. 39 are spring activated. Elevation and traverse are accomplished in much the same manner, changes being principally in the location of the handwheels. A rigid gunners’ platform constructed of a non-skid open steel lattice work is bolted to the upper carriage. Although awkward in appearance, it performs the function for which it was intended without hampering the movements of the crew about the gun.

Traverse has been increased from 12° to 60° by the use of a split trail with detachable spades instead of the box-type trail used on the K. 18.


Caliber        149 mm
Weight (traveling position)
Weight (firing position) 27,300 lbs.
Length (traveling position)
Length (firing position)
Height (traveling position)
Height (firing position)
Width (overall)
Width of trail spread
Twist of rifling—increasing 4° 17′ to 5°
Length of barrel 325 ins.
Length of rifling 256.6 ins.
Volume of chamber 1,829 cu. ins.
M uzzle velocity 2,840 f/s
Max. range (horizontal) 24.7 km
Rate of fire
Traverse 60°
Elevation 45°
Length of recoil (max.) 1,500 mm
Ammunition types H.E.; anticoncrete, APHE
Weight of max. charge 41.2 lbs.
Weight of projectile (HE) 94.6 lbs.
German: p. 104.4 (June 1, 1945)

15 cm K. 18: Medium Field Gun

15 cm K. 18: Medium Field Gun - German Artillery

This weapon was being replaced by the 15 cm K. 39 during the closing months of the European war. For transport, the K. 18 may be broken down into two loads and drawn by either horse or truck.

The built-up tube consists of a main tube, breech jacket, and breech ring. Rifling is a 6° constant twist. Hydraulic recoil and hydropneumatic counterrecoil cylinders are of standard German design. The buffer is located below, and the recuperator above the piece.

A rectangular breech ring has a crank-operated horizontal sliding type breechblock opening to the right. Two pneumatic, push-type equilibrators are incorporated in the design.

Elevation and depression are accomplished by means of an off-center elevating arc which is operated by a handwheel on the left side of the piece. The traversing handwheel is also located on the left.

The carriage is mounted on two rubber-tired wheels and has a hollow, box-type trail allowing a total traverse of 12 degrees.

The ammunition is semi-fixed; there are three charges.


Caliber      149 mm
Weight (firing position)28,400 lbs.
Maximum chamber pressure41,200 lbs./sq. in.
Length of barrel323 ins.
Twist of rifling, constant
Length of rifling253 ins.
Volume of chamber1,770 cu. ins.
Muzzle velocity2,840 f/s
Max. range (horiontal)27,000 yds.
Length of recoil1,450 mm
Ammunition typesHE; anticoncrete
   Weight of max. charge42.5 lbs.
   Weight of projectile (HE)94.6 lbs.

German: p. 104.3 (June 1, 1945)

15 cm K. 16: Heavy Field Gun

German 15 cm K. 16: Heavy Field Gun

The 15 cm K. 16 differs from other German 15 cm guns by reason of its appreciably heavier projectile. The ammunition employed in the K. 16 is not interchangeable with other guns of the caliber.

This weapon is generally regarded as obsolete, although it may be employed as a coast defense weapon or in some other static role. The piece may be used on the 21 cm Howitzer carriage and then may be known as 15 cm K in Mrs. Laf.

Features of the 15 cm K. 16 are: the location of the buffer and recuperator below the piece; a large three-ribbed collar which surrounds the piece just forward of the breech ring; a cylindrical breech ring; and a box-type trail terminating in a spade of massive dimensions.


Caliber          150 mm (5.9 ins.)
Weight in action 24,000 lbs.
Length of piece 248 ins.
Elevation 42°
Depression -3°
Maximum range 21,370 yds.*
Maximum muzzle velocity 2,480 f/s*
Ammunition H.E. Capped
Weight of projectile 113 lb.
       16 lb. Ngl R.P. plus 3 oz. igniter powder
       26 lb. Ngl R.P. plus 3 oz. igniter powder
       29 lb. Ngl R.P. plus 3 oz. igniter powder

*Not verified.

German: p. 104.1