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13 mm M.G. 131: Fixed or Flexible Aircraft Machine Gun

13 mm M.G. 131: Fixed or Flexible Aircraft Machine Gun

The German flexible aircraft machine gun, M.G. 131, 13 mm, is the Nazi tactical counterpart of the U.S. Browning, cal. .50, M2. Action is a Solothurn type—that is, the locking cam on a rotating bolt head engages a cylindrical locking collar to lock the action for firing. It is fed by a metallic disintegrating-link belt.

The M.G. 131 is used singly and in twin-mounted versions in hand-operated mounts and power-operated turrets in many German bombers. The recoil operation is assisted by a muzzle recoil booster. It is unusual in that the cartridges are ignited electrically instead of by a mechanically operated firing pin.

It is a recoil-operated, gas-assisted, belt-fed, air-cooled, automatic weapon that is coming into more extensive use in the German Air Force.


Caliber         13 mm (.512 in.)
Weight 40 lb.
Length 46 ins.
Rate of fire 900 rds./min.—cyclic
Muzzle velocity 2,370 f/s
Sights Refractor type on mount
Ammunition 13 mm Solothurn types—A. P., T; H. E., T

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