Sturmgeschütz 7.5 cm Stu. K. 40 (Sd. Kfz. 142): S.P. Assault Gun

StuG III: Sturmgeschütz 7.5 cm Stu. K. 40 (Sd. Kfz. 142): S.P. Assault Gun

This development of the Sturmgeschütz mounts the Stu. K. 40 assault gun, with muzzle brake, on a Pz. Kpfw. III chassis. The gun. is identical to the Kw.K. 40 with the exception that in the Stu. K. 40 the buffer and recuperator systems are mounted on each side of the barrel to accommodate the S. P. mounting, while the Kw.K. 40 mounts the recoil mechanism above the barrel. The road performance of this vehicle will approach that of the Pz. Kpfw. III tank.

The superstructure is a box-like arrangement, closed in on the top and welded to the chassis. A commander’s cupola, loader’s entrance hatch, and an opening for the sight are provided on the roof of the superstructure. There is no hull entrance door. A circular hole approximately 9 inches in diameter, cut in the rear of the superstructure, houses a small electric fan which draws air into the fighting compartment. A circular plate 12 inches in diameter and 30 mm thick is fitted over the hole at a distance of 3 inches from the superstructure by means of 3 bolts. The thickness of superstructure armor is as follows: front vertical plate 50 + 30 mm, gun mantlet 50 mm, sides 30 mm, top 20 mm. Side skirting armor is often mounted on this vehicle.

The gun has a length of 126 inches, without the muzzle brake, a muzzle velocity of 2525 f/s for the 15.0 lb. projectile and an effective range of 2000 yards firing A.P.C. shell. Its approximate radius of elevation is -5 to + 20°; traverse 10° left and right. It utilizes the following types of ammunition—A.P.C., H.E., and hollow charge. The penetration of A.P.C. shell against homogeneous plate is reported as follows: 500 yards, 4.0 inches at 30° obliquity; 4.8 inches normal—1000 yards, 3.6 inches at 30°, 4.3 inches normal—2000 yards, 2.8 inches at 30°, 3.4 inches normal.


Weight         26.5 tons
Length 17 ft., 9 ins.
Width 9 ft., 7 ins.
Height 6 ft., 5 ins.
Ground clearance 14 ins.
Tread centers 8 ft., 2 1/2 ins.
Ground contact 9 ft., 4 1/2 ins.
Width of track 15 ins.
Pitch of track 43 ins.
Track links 90
Fording depth 3 ft.
Theoretical radius of action
     Roads 100 miles
     Cross-country 60 miles
     Roads 25 m.p.h.
     Cross-country 15 m.p.h.
     Front plate 50 + 30 mm
     Sides 30 mm
Armament 7.5 cm Stu. K. 40
2 Machine pistols
Ammunition 54 rds.
Engine Maybach, HL 120 TRM, V-12, 320 hp.
Transmission 6 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Steering Epicyclic, clutch brake
Crew 4

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