Schuss Gr. P-40: H.E.A.T. (Hollow Charge) Grenade

Schuss Gr. P-40: H.E.A.T. (Hollow Charge) GrenadeThis grenade consists of a bell-shaped body of thin steel with a slightly convex aluminum closing disc, a graze fuze which screws into a cylindrical projection welded to the base of the body, and a finned tail unit. The bursting charge of cyclonite wax is cast around an aluminum hollow charge liner which is hemispherical in shape. A detonator and intermediary exploder are contained in an aluminum magazine which fits into the base of the main explosive cavity. The tail unit screws onto the base of the fuze housing and consists of a drawn-steel tube with six vanes formed in pairs. The cartridge is of the 7.92 mm small arm type with an undyed hollow wooden bullet.

Overall length         9.3 ins.
Maximum diameter 2.4 ins.
Color Olive green
Markings Blue band round projection at base of body
Length of body 3.1 ins.
Filler Cyclonite/Wax

German: p. 319

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