s. R.-Schlepper (Praga T 9): Heavy Full-Tracked Prime Mover

s. R.-Schlepper (Praga T 9): Heavy Full-Tracked Prime MoverGerman nomenclature: schwerer Rau­pen­schlepper (Praga T 9).

English designation: Heavy full-tracked prime mover.


Net weight       10,100 kg       22,260 lb.
Gross weight11,600 kg25,566 lb.
Length (overall)5,600 mm18 ft., 4 ins.
Width (overall) 2,450 mm8 ft.
Height (overall)2,540 mm8 ft., 4 ins.
Ground clearance340 mm13 ins.
Tread centers 2,070 mm6 ft., 9 ins.
Track contact 3.2 m126 ins.
Track width 340 mm13 1/4 ins.
Tire size
Angle of approach
Angle of departure
Seating capacity8
Fording depth700 mm27 1/4 ins.
Climbing ability50°
Overturn gradient (lengthwise)45°
Overturn gradient (crosswise)35°
Turning radius3 meters9 ft., 10 ins.
Trailer load15,000 kg33,060 lb.
Lifting power of winch7,500 kg16,530 lb.
Engine horsepower140 c-v130 hp
Piston displacement14,230 cu cm854 cu. ins.
Fuel tank capacity250 liters66 gal.
Highway fuel consumption1.49 m.p.g.
Average terrain fuel consumption1.18 m.p.g.

German: p. 74.59

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