Pz. Kpfw. III (Fl. W. 41): Flamethrower Tank

Pz. Kpfw. III (Fl. W. 41): Flamethrower Tank

The flame-throwing tank, put into service in 1942, consists of the standard Pz. Kpfw. III tank equipped with a flame projector instead of the usual tank gun. A machine gun is mounted coaxially in the turret and another is ball mounted in the front plate of the hull. Its road performance will approximate that of the Pz. Kpfw. III tank.

The flame tube, which looks like an ordinary cannon, contains 3 jets. The barrel behind the curved position of the armored shield is 134 cm long and at the flame end is 12 cm in diameter. Movement of the gun horizontally and vertically is controlled by two handwheels within reach of and to the left front of the tank commander. Propulsion of the liquid fuel for the flame thrower is achieved by means of a centrifugal pump driven by a small two-cylinder gasoline engine which is located in the engine compartment to the left of the tank motor. The fuel tanks are located beside the tank commander to the inside right and left side of the tank chassis.


Approx. weight of vehicle in action         23.8 tons
Approx. weight of flame apparatus (with full tanks) 3,300 lb.
Approx. weight of flame apparatus (with empty tanks) 1,540 lb.
Number of flame fuel tanks 2
Capacity of flame fuel tanks 225 gals.
Approx. range (unignited) 55 yds.
Approx. range (ignited) 66 yds.
Maximum elevation of projector +20°
Maximum depression of projector -10°
Traverse of projector 360°
Approx. overhang of projector beyond front of chassis 1 ft., 7 1/2 ins.
Approx. overhang of projector beyond side of chassis 4 ft., 7 ins.
Fuel pressure produced by pump 240 lb./sq. in.
Type of pump motor Auto-Union ZW 1101 (DKW) with dynamo start
Type of pump Koebe
Performance of ZW 1101 motor 28 hp.
Approx. performance of pump 1.7 gals./sec.
Capacity of gasoline tank for pump motor 4 gals.
Capacity of mixer 2 gals.
Capacity of oil measure .08 gal.
Oil-gasoline mixture (used for pump motor) 1:25
Number of fire extinguishers (inside and outside) 5
Sparking plug for pump motor Bosch DM 225 T 1 or 175 T 1 or Beru 225 a1 or 190 a1
Sparking plug in projector Smitz-Kerze
Fording capacity 3 ft.
Batteries (2 vehicle batteries also used) 12 volts each
Low tension circuit 12 volts
High tension circuit for projector         up to 1,000 v. and 300 amps.

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