Pottery Hand Grenade

pottery-hand-grenadeThis hand grenade, made of terra cotta, and, like the Model 3 Flower Pot Land Mine, filled with Type 88 explosive, is assumed to be a Navy weapon. Except for the neck at the top, it is spherical, consisting of two halves baked together. It is light brown, in color, and lightly glazed both inside and out. The grenade is encased in a straw-colored, waterproof rubber sack.

The ignition system consists of a match composition and scratch block, a 4-5-second delay element, a lead azide initiator, and a tetryl booster. All are encased in a rubber tube except the match composition which is lacquered into the neck of the grenade. In order to operate the grenade, the small rubber covering is removed from the top and the scratch block is struck on the protruding match composition, igniting the delay element.


Height (base to top of neck)         99 mm—3.9 ins.
Diameter 79 mm—3.1 ins.
Total weight 1 lb.
Weight of explosive 100 grams—3.5 ozs.
Pottery thickness 7/16 inch

Japanese: p. 304.2 (April 1, 1945)

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