PC 1000 Rs: Rocket-Propelled Bomb

PC 1000 Rs: Rocket-Propelled Bomb

The German 1,000 kg. (actual wt. 2,176 lb.) armor-piercing bomb (PC 1000 Rs) is a rocket-propelled type designed primarily for use against ships or similar targets The rocket, which is used to increase terminal velocity and armor penetration qualities of the bomb, consist of 19 sticks of propellant contained in a separate compartment at the base of the bomb. Gases generated by the propellant escape from the rocket container through six propulsion venturi tubes which are sealed with pitch until combustion is effected. The compartment is provided with a spring-loaded pressure release valve at the base. It is reported that the minimum height for release is 4,000 ft., and that the rocket burns for approximately three seconds after ignition, leaving a trail of flame 150 ft. long.

The bomb which is filled with alternate layers of good and poor quality TNT, and a very pure cast TNT in an aluminum container in the nose, is fuzed through the baseplate. A charging head, located in a distance piece between the bomb and the rocket container, has a junction box with connections leading to a pyrotechnic and an impact fuze through two pin plugs. These plugs are colored black and red respectively. The pyrotechnic fuze has a 2 1/2-second delay, and consists of an igniter bridge (which functions when an electrical impulse from the charging plate is received at the time of the bomb’s release), and a pyrotechnic train calculated to give a safe interval between the time of release and ignition of the rocket element.

The bomb fuze, of the electrical impact type, is also armed by the electrical impulse from the charging head.

There are three other bombs of the same general type: PC 500 Rs; a lighter version of the PC 1000 Rs; PC 1000 Rs Ex, for practice or experimental use (it has no main filling, no baseplate or bomb fuze and the weight is made up by the extra thickness of the bomb casing); and the PC 1800 Rs.


Total weight       2,176 lbs.
Weight of case1,470 lbs.
Weight of explosive119 lbs.
Overall length7 ft., 2 3/4 ins.
Length of bomb3 ft., 9 ins.
Diameter of bomb1 ft., 3 1/2 ins.
Diameter of tail fins
   Large2 ft. 4 ins.
   Small1 ft., 10 ins.
Dimensions of Propellant
        6  22 1/2 ins. long x 2 15/16 ins. diameter
      12  20 7/8 ins. long x 2 15/16 ins. diameter
        1  11 1/4 ins. long x 2 15/16 ins. diameter

German: p. 316

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