Offensive Disc Type Grenade

German Offensive Disc Type Grenade - WWIIThis grenade, a new type of offensive weapon, has no outer casing or cover, but consists merely of a disc cut from a pre-cast or pressed pellet of explosive, and an igniter. The disc, which is believed to be R.D.X./wax, is 3 5/16 inches in diameter and 17/32 inches thick. It is drilled to receive the igniter and detonator.

A standard friction igniter with a delay of approximately six seconds, and a detonator (Sprengkapsel 08) are used.


Diameter of disc         3 5/16 ins.
Thickness of disc 17/32 in.
Explosive R.D.X./wax
Color Chocolate

German: p. 320.1 (May 1, 1945)

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