Nebelhandgranate 39: Smoke Hand Grenade 39

Nebelhandgranate 39: Smoke Hand Grenade 39This grenade closely resembles the high explosive stick grenade 24 in external form and size. However, instead of the high explosive filling this grenade is filled with a smoke mixture. There are eight holes in the base of the head through which the smoke escapes. The handle has three horizontal corrugations at the screw cap end to assist in differentiation by touch. Upon activation, smoke is emitted for a period of two minutes, forming an effective screen for machine gun nests and pillboxes.

Total weight        1 lb., 14 ozs.
Overall length  14 ins.
Igniter B. Z. 39
   N4 ignition tube 7 sec.
Filling (HC) mixture zinc and hexachlorethane
Color Olive drab
Markings White band 8 inches wide around center of handle and lettering Nb. Hgr. 39 stencilled in white around the body above a broken white band.

German: p. 322

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