“Kato” General Purpose Tractor

Kato General Purpose TractorThis is a commercial type wheeled tractor used for general purpose work. The front wheels are 29 x 5 inches and the rear dual wheels are 40 x 10 inches, all fitted with solid rubber tires. The drive is from the rear wheels only, and steering is effected by a worm gear system operating the front wheels. Normal automotive controls are provided, save for a hand throttle. The transmission provides three speeds forward and two in reverse.

The K3 type engine is identical to that used in the “Kato” 70 tractor–a 4-cylinder, valve-in-head, gasoline type. There are two cylinder blocks of two cylinders each instead of a solid cylinder block. The generator, high-tension magneto, and water pump are all linked together with universal joints and driven from a single shaft extending from the timing gear on the right of the engine.

The tractor is fitted with front and rear towing pintles cast solid with the frame.


Winch capacity
Wheel base 90 ins.
Overall width of tractor (rear) 74 ins.
Overall height of tractor 5 ft.
Capacity of fuel tank 30 gals.
Tread centers (front) 63 ins.
Ground clearance 8 ins.
Fuel capacity (approx.) 30 gals.
Engine 60 h.p. at 1,200 r.p.m.
Bore 121 mm
Stroke 152 mm

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