High Explosive Rifle Grenade Model 3

High Explosive Rifle Grenade Model 3This grenade, designed to be fired from Models 38 and 99 rifles by means of a spigot launcher and wooden bullet, is similar in use and operation to the Model 91 rifle grenade. However, it is smaller and has a smooth-wall body rather than the serrated type. It contains a cyclonite primer enclosed in a brass container, a tetryl booster, and a three-ounce bursting charge of cast TNT; it is also fitted with an instantaneous fuze and a tail assembly with four fins spot welded to the rear part of the tube.

The grenade is armed by the removal of a safety fork. On impact, an inertia block is forced into the fuze body shearing a brass shear wire and driving the firing pin into the detonator.


Diameter of grenade body         1.63 ins.
Length of grenade body 2.43 ins.
Wall thickness 1/8 in.
Overall length of grenade 7.88 ins.
Weight of grenade without explosive 14 ozs.
Weight of explosive body without explosive 10 ozs.
Length of fin assembly 4 15/16 ins.
Outside diameter of tube 1 13/16 ins.
Inside diameter of tube 1 1/16 ins.
Width of tail assembly 2 1/8 ins.
Length of tail fin 2 3/8 ins.
Width of tail fin 1/4 in.
Material of construction Steel
Weight of main charge 3 ozs.
Weight of primer 3 gr.
Weight of booster 1 gr.

Japanese: p. 304.2 (April 1, 1945)

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