Gross Gewehr Panzergranate: H.E.A.T. (Hollow Charge) Rifle Grenade

Gross Gewehr Panzergranate: H.E.A.T. (Hollow Charge) Rifle GrenadeThis grenade, while larger and of slightly different contour than that described on the preceding page, is basically the same in construction and operation. The body of pressed steel contains a steel cone around which the T.N.T. filler is cast, and at the bottom of the filler is an exploder pellet of penthrite wax. Two types of stem may be used, one entirely of light alloy and the other of plastic with a steel shank by which it is screwed onto the body. The booster assembly and the percussion type fuze are both located in the stem divided by a perforated septum which contains a small flash pellet. At the base of the stem is a rifled band which corresponds to the rifling on the discharger. The assembly is closed by a base plug.

Overall length       7 ins.
Maximum diameter1 3/4 ins.
ColorBlack overall
Total weight13 1/2 ozs.
Weight of filler4 1/2 ozs.
Range (maximum)100 yds.

German: p. 318

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