Gewehr Propaganda Granate: Propaganda Rifle Grenade

Gewehr Propaganda Granate: Propaganda Rifle GrenadeThis grenade which is used for propaganda purposes consists of a cylindrical steel body with a pre-rifled base and a removable ballistic cap. The base of the grenade contains a 9-second delay fuze and an ejecting charge covered by a cardboard disc to prevent moisture from causing deterioration. Leaflets are inserted in two steel packing covers held loosely inside the case, and then the case and cap are varnished to protect them from rust. On firing, the flash from the propelling cartridge ignites the fuze and approximately 9 seconds later the ejecting charge explodes, blowing off the cap and forcing the leaflets out of the nose of the projectile.

Overall length        5.7 ins.
Total weight 8 ozs.
Weight without leaflets 7 ozs.
Delay 9 sec.
Range 500 yds.

German: p. 318

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