Gewehr Panzergranate: Antitank Rifle Grenade

Gewehr Panzergranate: Antitank Rifle GrenadeThe Gewehr Panzergranate is constructed in two parts, the head and the stem. The head, a seamless steel tube fitted with a light ballistic cap, contains a hollow charge cone and an explosive filling of T.N.T. A cavity is provided in the rear portion of the main filling to take an exploder of penthrite wax. The stem of light alloy or aluminum is screwed onto the head of the grenade. It is divided into two compartments. The upper portion contains the booster which consists of a detonator surrounded by a penthrite wax filling contained in a light alloy case. The percussion type fuze is located in the lower part of the stem. In the septum is a small flash pellet held in place by a perforated screw plug. A pre-engraved driving band is formed on the outside of the grenade approximately 1/4 inch fromn the base. The entire assembly is closed by a base plug which positions the fuze by a stem which fits into a recess in the rear of the striker body.

Overall length         6.4 ins.
Maximum diameter 1 3/16 ins.
Color Black body; aluminum stem
Total weight 8.8 ozs.
Filler T.N.T./Cyclonite
Weight of filler 1.75 ozs.
Range 50 yds.

German: p. 317

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