Conical Antitank Hollow Charge Hand Grenade

Japanese Conical Antitank Hollow-Charge Hand Grenade

This Japanese antitank grenade consists of a Pentalite (50/50 TNT & PETN) explosive charge cast around a thin aluminum cone, a wooden stand-off head, a fuze, and a tail attachment.

The explosive charge, which is shaped in the form of a hollow truncated cone, has a covering of thin waxed paper and a well in the upper end to receive the booster of the fuze. A cast ring pellet surrounds the cyclonite booster. The fuze, an all-ways impact type, is constructed in two parts which are threaded together. It will not function unless the mine has attained a velocity of approximately forty feet per second, and strikes a hard surface. The wooden base provides proper stand-off distance and has a central hole of slightly smaller diameter than that of the cone.

The grenade is encased in a silk bag, either white or olive drab in color, and closed by a draw-string at the bottom. A tail made of hemp is tied around the top of the grenade to provide stability in flight. The device, which will penetrate about 2 inches of armor plate, should be thrown from a distance of approximately ten meters.

A modified version of this grenade, referred to as the Type B, has been recovered. It differs from the grenade previously encountered in the Philippines in the following respects: it is smaller, the cover is yellow silk instead of canvas, the fuze is screwed into a metal seat on top of the mine, the fuze body is metal with a single-pronged safety pin, and the detonator tube is larger.

According to reports, there is also a larger grenade of the same type which has a Type 94 explosive charge.


           Large Grenade          Small Grenade
Length of grenade 6 3/4 ins. 5 7/8 ins.
Length of tail 14 ins.  
Diameter at base 4 3/8 ins. 4 ins.
Length of fuze 1 7/8 ins. 1 7/8 ins.
Length of cone 3 3/4 ins. 2 3/8 ins.
Diameter of cone 2 3/8 ins. 2 ins.
Cone angle, apex 30° 38°
Weight complete 1.25 kg. .84 kg
Weight of grenade 1.14 kg. .76 kg.
Weight of fuze 42.3 grams 42.3 grams
Weight of explosive .87 kg. .60 kg
Weight of cone 141.7 grams 42.5 grams
Weight of base 56.7 grams 50.0 grams
Weight of booster 5.1 grams 5.1 grams

Japanese: p. 304.1 (April 1, 1945)

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