81 mm Mortar Model 3

Japanese 81 mm Mortar Model 3

The Japanese 81 mm Mortar, Model 3, is a forerunner of the Model 97 (1937). It was manufactured at the Yokosuka Navy Arsenal in 1943.

The tube is a smooth-bore type and has two collars machined on the forward part for securing the bipod clamp. The bipod, constructed of light weight tubing, is very unstable. There is no cross leveling device, and rough cross leveling adjustments could be made by breaking the bipod support and moving the leg on the low side inward.

The base plate is relatively heavy, and is believed to be identical with that now used with the 90 mm Mortar, Model 94. It is interchangeable with the base plate for the Model 97.

Both traversing and elevating mechanisms employ the square type threads rather than the usual and more efficient buttress type as used on Model 97. No sight was recovered with the mortar.


Weight of tube        47 lbs.
Weight of bipod 25 lbs.
Weight of base plate 95 lbs.

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