7.92 mm Gewehr 41 (M): Semiautomatic Rifle

7.92 mm Gewehr 41 (M): Semiautomatic Rifle

The Gewehr 41 (M) is a self-loading, gas-operated, clip-fed, air-cooled shoulder weapon. It is basically the same as the Gewehr 41 (W) except for several changes that have been made in the manufacture and appearance.

Most of the parts of the Gewehr 41 (M) are machined pieces with the exception of the magazine well, follower, piston rod and butt plate. The majority of the machined pieces have had no further finishing, but are of a very high quality. The upper band, lower band, magazine well, magazine follower, trigger guard, piston rod, dust cover and butt plate of the Gewehr 41 (M) are stamped pieces.

The differences between the Gewehr 41 (M) and the Gewehr 41 (W) are as follows: the piston rod of the G. 41 (M) terminates in a yoke, the two arms of which extend rearward and contact the bolt head. The piston rod of the G. 41 (W) is one piece and is in direct contact with the bolt retractor slide. The handguard of the G. 41 (M) is made of wood unlike that of the G. 41 (W) which is plastic.


Caliber        7.92 mm (.312 in.)
Weight 10 lb., 13 oz.
Length without bayonet 46 1/8 ins.
Principle of operation Gas
Feeding device Vertical box-type magazine
Capacity of feeding device 10 rounds
Cooling system Air
Ammunition used All 7.92 mm Mauser types
Type of sight Inverted V blade type front sight; tangent leaf rear sight; graduated 200 to 1,200 meters.
Length of barrel 21 1/2 ins.
   Twist Uniform R.H. twist
   No. of grooves 4
   Depth of grooves
   Width of grooves
Chamber pressure
Muzzle velocity
Muzzle energy
Maximum range
Effective range

German: p. 208.1

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