7.3 cm Propaganda Rocket Projectile and Launcher

7.3 cm Propaganda Rocket Projectile and Launcher

This is a rocket projectile of conventional design, but having instead of the usual high explosive filling a number of propaganda leaflets in the forward compartment. The projectile consists basically of two steel tubes screwed into a central sleeve. The upper tube carries the propaganda leaflets and is closed at the forward end by a bakelite ballistic cap; a small bursting charge in the sleeve serves to expel the leaflets. The lower tube contains the propellant and is closed at the lower end by a screwed-in base plug.

The leaflets are wrapped around a steel spring and are in turn inclosed in a light metal cylinder split horizontally. The ejection charge for the leaflets is fired by an igniter and a delay train when the split cylinder containing the leaflets is ejected; the spring around which the leaflets are wrapped forces apart the two halves of the cylinder and scatters the leaflets.

The projector used for launching the rocket is of simple design and construction. The base frame is formed of 1 1/4-inch tubular steel with three spades welded on the underside. A crosspiece of the same tubular steel acts as a brace and also forms a base for the elevation pivot of the rocket guide. This guide consists of a length of 1 3/4-inch angle iron 29 1/2 inches long.

The launcher is operated on the mortar principle, that is, the rocket is placed on the trough and is held about twenty inches above the striker (which corresponds to the firing pin of a mortar) by a release lever. A cord which the operator may pull from a safe distance leads from the release lever, thereby permitting the rocket to slide down against the striker.


Overall length of complete round       16 3/32 ins.
Length of plastic cap 2.21 ins.
Length of message body 6.87 ins.
Length of propellant chamber 4.70 ins.
Length of nozzle assembly 1.30 ins.
Length of stick powder 5.234 ins.
Diameter of stick powder 2.308 ins.
Weight of complete round 6 lbs., 10 oz.
Weight of propellant 1 lb.
Overall length 45.7 ins.
Overall width 19.7 ins.
Length of guide 29.5 ins.
Overall height with guide at 45° 28 ins.
Weight 27 lbs.

German: p. 360 (May 1, 1945)

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