30 cm Nebelwerfer 42: Rocket Projector

30 cm Nebelwerfer 42: Rocket ProjectorThis rocket projector very closely resembles the 28/32 cm Nebelwerfer 41. The individual projectors are of similar construction, each one being shaped to the contours of the standard 30 cm rocket ammunition. The rear portion, however, is considerably larger than that of the 28/32 cm projector to accommodate the larger propelling chamber of the 30 cm rocket. As a result of the heavier charge, this rocket achieves a range of 4,976 yards.

Both traversing and elevating mechanisms are identical with those of the 28/32 cm piece. Total traverse is 30 degrees, and elevation is 45 degrees. The firing mechanism is electric with a contact box located at the right side of the piece.

A sight bracket is located at the rear of the framework.

There is a small spade under the frame in the rear, but no other evidence of supports.

The ammunition for this projector is described on page 354.1.

German: p. 350 (May 1, 1945)

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