28 cm Rifled Projectile

German 28 cm Rifled Projectile

This pre-engraved projectile recovered in Italy is used for long range bombardment. It has longitudinal inclined steel splines and a single one-inch-wide copper band that acts as a gas seal. The splines are set at a slight angle to the axis of the projectile and are 19.2 inches in length. In loading the projectile, the splines are lined up with the rifling of the gun tube. The shell is 33 inches in length, exclusive of the windshield. Fragments indicate that the windshield would add an extra two feet to the length.

A nose percussion fuze (AZ 35 K) and a base fuze (BD Z 35K) are fitted. The Germans are reputed to have four types of 28 cm railway guns able to employ this type of projectile. They are: 28 cm Br. N. Kan E.; 28 cm K. 5 (E); 28 cm K. 5/1 (E); and 28 cm K. 5/2 (E).


Caliber         280 mm (11.023 ins.)
Weight (approx.) 550 lbs.
Length (excluding windshield) 33 ins.
German: p. 312

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