27 mm Doppel Schuss: Double Barrel Signal Pistol

27 mm Doppel Schuss: Double Barrel Signal Pistol

The 27 mm double barrel signal pistol is unique in that the basic parts such as the trigger, trigger-guard, lever release, hammer assembly and switch lever, as well as all pins, are made of steel; the remaining parts, with the exception of the wooden forestock and hand grips, are made of an aluminum alloy.

The firing mechanism is of the continuous pull type incorporating concealed hammers. A switch lever is located on the top rear of the pistol frame to control the firing mechanism. By use of this lever, either one of the two barrels, or both, can be fired by action of the trigger. Turning the lever to the left allows only the left barrel to be fired; turning it to the right allows only the right barrel to be fired. With the lever in the center position, both barrels fire simultaneously. Breaking of the piece is accomplished by pushing forward the release lever which is located just forward of the trigger guard. Indicator pins located in the breech plate show whether the respective barrels are loaded. A safety lever is located on the left side of the receiver. The words “Feuer” and “Sicher” indicate the two positions of Fire and Safe.

Another model, a double barrel air force signal pistol of somewhat similar design, is pictured in the inset above.


Weight         3 1/8 lbs.
Length 13 7/8 ins.
Ammunition types
Weight of barrel
Length of barrel 9 1/8 ins.
Rifling (smooth bore)
Muzzle energy
Maximum range

*Signal cartridge with single star–max. vertical range 260 ft.

German: p. 202.1 (May 1, 1945)

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