20 mm Aircraft Cannon Type 99 Mk. II

20 mm Aircraft Cannon Type 99 Mk. II

This is a gun of higher power than the Type 99 Mk. I, 20 mm cannon. Like the earlier gun, it operates on the Oerlikon principle and is found both with drum type magazine feed (Mod. III—top photo) and with belt feed (Mod. IV—lower photo).

The principal differences between this model and the Mk. I consist of a longer barrel and a longer chamber. The barrel protrudes 18 inches beyond the leading edge when mounted in the wings of fighter aircraft. The projectiles used are identical to the Mark I, but the cartridge employed contains approximately 40% more propellant than the older type, thereby increasing the velocity of the Mk. II 500 to 700 foot seconds. The muzzle velocity of the weapon varies from 2,500 to 2,700 foot seconds depending upon the type of projectile used. The gun has been found in ZEKEs and HAMPs. It is probably fitted in RUFEs and as a flexible gun in the tail turret of BETTY.


Caliber         20 mm (.787 in.)
Weight of gun 67 lbs.
Length of gun (overall) 73 ins.
Length of barrel 47 ins.
Length of rifling 41.5 ins.
Number of grooves 9
Depth of grooves 0.026 in.
Twist of rifling Right hand
Principle of operation Blow back
Feeding device French drum or belt
Capacity of drum 100 rds.
Cooling system Air
Sights Reflector type
Charging mechanism Pneumatic
Firing system Flexible cable
Effective range (est.) 600-700 yds.
Rate of fire (est.) 400-500 r.p.m.
Ammunition Ball, A.P., A.P./I., T., H.E., H.E./T., H.E./I.

Japanese: p. 254 (August 1, 1945)

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