20 mm Aircraft Cannon Ho 5 (Browning Principle)

20 mm Aircraft Cannon Ho 5 (Browning Principle)

This weapon, an improvement on the 12.7 mm Japanese copy of the U.S. Cal. .50 aircraft machine gun, is a recoil-operated, disintegrating metallic link belt-fed, air-cooled, aircraft machine cannon. It is mounted as a fixed weapon and as such it is fired electrically by remote control.

The recoil mechanism consists of a metal cylinder into which is fitted a coil spring. Through the center of this extends a 5/16-inch rod which screws into a brass bushing. The rod extends through the spring follower which rests on the coil spring and is secured by two lock nuts. Buffering action takes place in the recoil direction only. There is no quick change barrel. Because of the weight of the bolt and the heavy recoil spring, a booster is used, this being found in the flash hider.

The gun has a high cyclic rate of fire, muzzle velocities of 2,304 f/s (A.P.), 2,430 f/s (H.E.), and a penetration performance of 7/8-inch homogenous plate at 20° at 200 yards; 1/2-inch at 20° at 580 yards. The maximum weight lifting capacity of the belt is 62 pounds.

The disassembly of the weapon is the same as the Browning Cal. .30 and Cal. .50 machine guns with a few minor exceptions. The Japanese weapon has no back plate latch. The back plate is held in place by two pins, one at the top, and one at the bottom.


Caliber         20 mm (0.79 in.)
Weight w/accessories 104 11/16 lbs.
Weight w/o accessories 86 3/4 lbs.
Length (overall) 63 3/4 ins.
Sight radius
Principle of operation Recoil with muzzle cup
Feeding device Metal link belt type
Capacity of feeding device 100 rounds
Cooling system Air
Ammunition types A.P., H.E., Incendiary
Cyclic rate 950 r.p.m.
Type of sight Reflector
Weight of barrel 12 1/8 lbs.
Length of barrel 35.4 ins.
Length of rifling 31.5 ins.
   Twist R.H.
   No. of grooves 8
   Depth of grooves
   Width of grooves
Chamber pressure
Muzzle velocity (A.P. Shot) 2,304 f/s
         (H.E. Shell) 2,430 f/s
Effective range 600 yds.

Japanese: p. 252 (June 1, 1945)

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