150 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

Japanese 150 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

This weapon is the 38 year type (1905) 15 cm howitzer mounted on a medium tank chassis. The chassis resembles that of the Medium Tank Model 2597 (1937), Special, described on page 8.1. The armor is riveted in the characteristic Japanese fashion, and on the chassis is of the same thickness as on the corresponding tank chassis, with a maximum of approximately one inch. On the superstructure, the gun shield has one-inch frontal armor and one-half-inch side armor.

The vehicle uses the standard V12, air-cooled, diesel engine, and the type 97 medium tank suspension, consisting of six dual rubber-tired bogie wheels on each side. The weapon mounted on this vehicle is the type 38 (1905) 15 cm howitzer, a very short weapon. It has an interrupted screw breechblock opening to the right, and uses a percussion primer. The rifling is 58 inches long and has increasing right hand twist. The maximum range of the field howitzer is reported as 6,500 yards. The maximum elevation is 30 degrees.

A self-propelled vehicle mounting a gun of 75 mm or 105 mm caliber, employing the same chassis and with a superstructure somewhat resembling the present vehicle has been reported.


Weight         15 tons
Length 18 ft.
Width 7 ft., 6 ins.
Height (overall) 93 ins.
Height of chassis 47 ins.
Height of shield 61 ins.
Ground clearance 14 ins.
Tread centers 6 ft., 7 ins.
Ground contact (approx.) 160 ins.
Width of track 13 ins.
Pitch of track 5 1/8 ins.
Track links 96
Fording depth 39 ins.
Theoretical radius of action:
   Roads 100 miles
   Cross country
   Roads 25 m.p.h.
   Cross country
Armor: gun shield
   Front plate 1 in.
   Sides 1/2 in.
Armament 15 cm Howitzer, Model 38 (1905)
Ammunition (Rds).
Engine V12, air-cooled, diesel
Transmission 4 speeds forward; 1 reverse (high and low range)
Steering clutch brake
Crew probably 5

Japanese: p. 8.2 (August 1, 1945)

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