10.5 cm “Sabot” Type H. E. Shell

10.5 cm Sabot Type H. E. Shell

This new type projectile consists of an 8.8 cm streamlined shell body fitted with centering and rotating band rings which permit it to be fired from a 10.5 cm weapon. Both the centering ring and rotating band ring are so designed that they become detached from the shell body under the influence of centrifugal force on leaving the muzzle of the gun. The advantage of such a design, provided it functions properly, is that a lighter weight projectile of smaller diameter is fired from a 10.5 cm weapon instead of the normal 10.5 cm projectile. The effect is to give a higher muzzle velocity and longer range for the 8.8 cm streamlined shell body than would be obtained with the standard 10.5 cm high explosive projectile. However, the effectiveness is reduced due to lower weight of projectile.

One disadvantage of this type of shell lies in the possibility of injury to friendly troops when the centering rings and rotating band are cast from the projectile. The centrifugal force would make these pieces into dangerous missiles.

The complete weight of the projectile is 23 pounds. Projectiles examined have been filled with a high explosive charge, and fitted with a percussion type nose fuze (AZ 23v.). The 15 cm shell of similar design employs the same fuze. The explosive trains of these projectiles are similar to those for the usual type of German high explosive shell.

German: p. 311

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