10.5 cm L.G. 40: Recoilless Gun

10.5 cm L.G. 40: Recoilless Gun

There are two known types of 10.5 cm recoilless guns in use by the German Army. The L.G. 40, formerly known as the L.G. 2 Kp., appears to be the type most frequently used. To prevent casualties, special precaution must be taken by the gun crew when firing the recoilless gun.

The barrel is screwed into the breech ring. This ring, with attachments, is composed of three parts : the breech ring proper, cylindrical in shape and approximately 43.5 cm in length; the rear portion which is hinged to the breech ring proper and swings to the right to permit loading; and the cone, approximately 41.2 cm in length, which is in one piece with the swiveling rear portion of the breech ring. At the right side of the breech ring is a boring which houses the striker mechanism. The upper surface of the breech ring is prepared for a clinometer.

The carriage consists of a crosshead and axle bar with torsion springs. Two spades under the crosshead, and a rectangular girder trail fitted with a spade, serve to give the carriage proper balance for firing. A tool box is located in the center portion of the trail. The shield, which is mounted on brackets just below the trunnion bearings, is in two parts and is fitted with sliding securing bars at top and bottom.

Both elevating and traversing mechanisms are situated on the lower left-hand side of the carriage. Two boxes, apparently for sighting gear, are also attached to the left of the carriage, but no sights were captured with the gun.

The 10.5 cm L.G. 42, previously known as the L.G. 2 Rh., is probably a later model of the L.G. 40, but none has been captured as yet.


L.G. 40
Caliber       10.5 cm
Weight in action854 lb.
Length of piece (including cone)1,902 mm
Muzzle velocity1,105 f/s—H.E. rd.
1,224 f/s—hollow charge rd.
Range (max.)6,600 yds.
Range, effective (max.)1,660 yds.—hollow charge rd.
Elevation-15° to 40°
Traverse40° either way
L.G. 42
Muzzle velocity1,099 f/s—H.E. rd.
 1,236 f/s—hollow charge rd.
Range (max.)8,695 yds.
AmmunitionH.E. — F.H. Gr. 41 fuzed with either A.Z. 23 v (0.15) or Dopp. Z. s/60
  Hollow charge — 10 cm Gr. 39 fuzed with A.Z. 38 and using the same charge as for the F.H. Gr. 41

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