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FM 21-6: List of Publications for Training
Basic Field Manual, War Department, January 1, 1943
[DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from a WWII U.S. War Department Field Manual. As with all field manuals, the text may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the contents of the field manual. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]

Section III

• 21. TRAINING PUBLICATIONS.—a. General.—(1) The lists below show the pamphlets published to date, by number, title, and date of publication, the number of the changes thereto, together with symbols indicating the distribution of each pamphlet.

(2) Explanation of symbols.—A combination of letters indicating the headquarters of organizations and numbers indicating the specific arms or services to which the distribution is limited, is used. The meanings (of these are as follows:

(a) Letters. (See also (d) and (e) below.)

D.—Headquarters of divisions. If more than two copies are issued, see paragraph 7a(2)(b).
B.—Headquarters of brigades, groups, and similar organizations.
R.—Headquarters of regiments, separate battalions, and similar organizations.
Bn.—Headquarters of battalions or similar organizations.
C.—Headquarters of companies and similar units.
I.—Used in combination with the above letters indicates the pamphlet is to be issued to interested organizations only.
H or L.—H used in combination with the above letters indicates that the pamphlet will be issued to the particular organization specified and higher headquarters; L to particular organization specified and lower headquarters.
X.—Special distribution as directed by the War Department.

(b) Numbers.

1. When not in parentheses, numbers are used to indicate the various arms and services as follows:
1. Army Air Forces.
2. Cavalry.
3. Chemical Warfare Service.
4. Coast Artillery Corps.
(For harbor defense, railway, and truck-drawn only.)
5. Corps of Engineers.
6. Field Artillery.
7. Infantry.
8. Medical Department.
9. Ordnance Department.
10. Quartermaster Corps.
11. Signal Corps.
12. Adjutant General's Department.
13. Inspector General's Department.
14. Finance Department.
15, Judge Advocate General's Department.
16. Corps of Chaplains.
17. Armored Force.
18. Tank Destroyer.
19. Military Police.
35. Women's Army Auxiliary Corps.
44. Coast Artillery Corps.
(For antiaircraft artillery and barrage balloon.)
55. Transportation Corps.
2. When in parentheses, numbers indicate the number of copies to be furnished.

(c) Where a letter is not followed by any numbers, it indicates that the pamphlet is distributed to all the headquarters described by that letter. Numbers following a letter indicate that the distribution is limited to the headquarters of organizations of those arms and services identified by the numbers. Where a dash (-) is used between numbers, it indicates that all the serial numbers between the end numbers are included in the distribution.

(d) The distribution for Army Air Forces munits will be on the following basis:

Headquarters, air forces, and air bases—same distribution as for divisions.
Wings—same as for brigades.
Groups—same as for regiments.
Squadrons—same as for battalions.
Separate flights or detachments—same as for companies.

(e) Distribution for medical installations will be on the following basis:

Hospital center   |  
General hospital   |  
Medical Department   |   same as for divisions. 
     concentration center   |  
Auxiliary surgical hospital   |  
General dispensary   |  
Hospital train   |  
Medical laboratory, army or   |   same as for
     communications zone   |      brigades.
Medical examining unit, aviation   |  
Medical laboratory, general   |  
Medical supply depot, army or   |  
     communications zone   |  
Station hospital, communications   |  
          zone or zone of interior (symbol SH)    |  
     25 beds or under as noted for SH   |  
          under distribution of manual.   |  
     50 beds or under, twice the number   |  
          noted.   |  
     100 beds or under, three times the   |  
          number noted.   |  
     200 beds or under, four times the   |  
          number noted.   |  
     500 beds or under, five times the   |  
          number noted.   |  
     1,000 beds or under, six times the   |  
          number noted.   |   same as for  
     2,000 beds or under, ten times the   |      regiments. 
          number noted.   |  
Surgical hospital   |   |  
Evacuation hospital   |   |  
Veterinary station   |   |  
     hospital   |   |  
Veterinary evacuation   |   |  
     hospital   |   |  
Veterinary general   |   (symbol M)    |  
     hospital   |   |  
Convalescent camp   |   |  
Convalescent hospital   |   |  
Veterinary convalescent   |   |  
     hospital   |   |  
Attached medical and Veterinary detachments—same as for companies.

(3) Example of symbols.—A pamphlet with distribution symbols D (8); B 6 (2); R 4, 6, 7 (10); IR 5 (10); Bn 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 (3); IBn 5 (3); IC 3-7 (10); C 9 (2). Distribution in addition to that provided in paragraph 7a as follows:

(a) D (8)—

1. Eight copies to the headquarters of all divisions.
2. Eight copies to each hospital center, general hospital, Medical Department concentration center.
3. Eight copies to each air force and air base headquarters.

(b) B 6 (2)—

1. Two copies to the headquarters of all division artillery.
2. Two copies to each of the offices of S-1, S-2, S-3, and S-4, division artillery headquarters.

(c) R 4, 6, 7 (10); IR 5 (10)—

Ten copies to the headquarters of each coast artillery, field artillery, and infantry regiment and to each interested engineer regiment.

(d) Bn 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 (3); IBn 5 (3)—

Three copies to the headquarters of each chemical warfare, coast artillery, field artillery, infantry, and ordnance battalion and to tach interested engineer battalion.

(e) IC 3-7 (10); C 9 (2)—

Ten copies to each interested chemical warfare, coast artillery, engineer, field artillery, and infantry company or similar unit, and two copies to each ordnance company.

b. Field Manuals

c. Technical Manuals

d. Technical Regulations


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