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Enemy Air-Borne Forces, Military Intelligence Service, Special Series No. 7, December 2, 1942
[DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from the wartime U.S. War Department publication. As with all wartime intelligence information, data may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the text. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]


The tabulation in figure 7 shows how the Ju-52 and the Ju-90 compare in a number of important particulars. The Ju-90 has two types of engines, either radial or liquid-cooled. Performances shown in the right-hand column are for the Ju-90 with liquid-cooled engines.

  Ju-52 Ju-90
Make Junkers Junkers
Description 3-engined low-wing metal monoplane  4-engined low-wing all-metal monoplane 
Wing span 96 ft 115 ft
Wing area 1,190 ft 1,980 ft
Length 62 ft 85 ft
Height 15 ft 21 ft
Armament One 7.9-mm MG, forward
One 7.9-mm MG, ventral
Two 7.9-mm MG, lateral
One 7.9-mm MG, forward
One 7.9-mm MG, forward fuselage
One 7.9-mm MG, tail
One 13-mm MG, dorsal
Weight: Empty (including radio):
     Civilian passenger type, 13,255 lbs 
     Military passenger type, 12,720 lbs 
     Freight aircraft, 12,420 lbs 
Normal loaded weight, 20,300 lbs
Overload weight, 23,100 lbs
Empty with equipment, 36,200 lbs
Normal all up weight, 51,000 lbs
Overload weight, 54,000 lbs
Disposable load at maximum overload, 29,800 lbs 
Performance: Maximum speed, 180 mph at 5,500 ft
     (165 at sea level)
Cruising speed at 70%, 180 mph
     (132 at sea level)
Landing speed at normal weight, 62 mph 
Ceiling 20,000 ft
Maximum speed, 218 mph at 3,500 ft
Maximum speed, 260 mph at 15,000 ft
Cruising speed, 230 mph
Cruising speed at 5,000 ft, 177 mph
Ceiling: 19,000 ft
Typical loads and performances    
Useful load
 3,000 lbs  |  5,000 lbs  |  7,500 lbs
 22,000 lbs |  10,000 lbs
Range (mi)
 1,070-830  |  780-600  |  250-190
 800 |  2,200
Speed (mph)
 110-140  |  120-150  |  120-150
 230 |  230
Bomb capacity Maximum 5,000 lbs Normal 4,400 lbs

Figure 7. Table comparing the Ju-52 and the Ju-90

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