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WWII Photo Feature 40: Russian T-26 Tank
This section features documents and photographs from our personal collection of WWII historical material. As time permits, new feature pages will be added with additional photographs and documents.

German troops inspect a destroyed Russian T-26 tank. The right-side of the conical turret has been penetrated just behind the vertical armor seam. The prominent engine vent with wire mesh screen can be clearly seen at the rear. No markings are visible.

When originally developed in the 1930's, the T-26 was an excellent light tank design. The T-26 was produced in large numbers and served an important role in Russia's growing tank forces during the 1930's. Although nearing obsolescence, over 10,000 T-26 tanks were in the Red Army inventory in the summer of 1941 to face the German invasion.

Source: LoneSentry.com Collection.

[Destroyed Russian T-26 Light Tank]

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