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WWII Photo Feature 32: 407th Raiders Football Team
This section features documents and photographs from our personal collection of WWII historical material. As time permits, new feature pages will be added with additional photographs and documents.

In 1945, the Headquarters of the U.S. 407th Infantry Regiment Headquarters issued a souvenir Thanksgiving Menu for the headquarters staff. At the time, the 407th Infantry Regiment was based in Coburg as part of the 102nd Infantry Division. The souvenir menu contained numerous photographs of the unit's men along with drawings hand-colored with watercolors.

The menu also included a photograph and lineup for the 407th Raiders football team, shown below.

Our Football Lineup
1 Lt J. F. Polak - Head Coach
1 Lt J. F. Kilcullen - Asst Coach
1. Clarence Maune     14. Addard J. Piche     26. Fred R. Swetnam
2. Stanley E. Cramer 15. Harry B. Ernst 27. Kenneth L. Suttles
3. James Burnham 16. John Karczokouski 28. Luther Kleffman
4. John E. Conway 17. William Gregory 29. Dewey Henderson
5. Henry C. Jacobson 18. Charles W. Miller 30. John R. Fiers
6. George B. Pavelic 19. Henry B. Farley 31. Joseph Polak
7. Edward J. Cross 20. Matt McInerney 32. William Appledon
8. Dan Correa 21. Fred A. Christian 33. Nicholas Iaria
9. John J. Butler 22. Richard L. Foerch 34. Albert Kamen
10. Samuel Mamula 23. Joseph T. Karaffa 35. Geo. Featherman
11. Harry J. Ward 24. Steve Romanik 36. John H. Williams
12. Joseph Kilcullen 25. Charles M. Hippler 37. Myles Kearney
13. John R. Halseth   38. James Levy

[407th Raiders - Football Team of U.S. 407th Infantry Regiment]
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