Aircraft Radios

“Aircraft Radios” from Navigators’ Information File, Headquarters U.S. Army Air Forces, U.S. War Department, 1944:


Besides the radio compass there are three other radio sets in tactical aircraft with which you must become familiar.

1. Command set

2. Interphone system

3. Liaison set

Know where this equipment is located in your airplane. Know how to operate it. Most important of all, know which set to use for any given situation.

Command Set

The command radio set is controlled from the pilot’s compartment. Use it for communication from plane-to-plane or from plane-to-ground over limited distances. It consists of three receivers which operate on 3 to 6 megacycles, 6 to 9.1 megacycles and 190 to 550 kilocycles respectively. To obtain clear definition of range signals, place the switch of the radio range filter in the pilot’s compartment to “RANGE.” With the switch in this position, voice reception is nearly eliminated. With the switch on “VOICE,” the range signals give way to clear voice reception. Place the switch on “BOTH” to hear both range and voice signals at the same time.

Two to four transmitters are included which allow you to operate on predetermined frequencies. You can operate on only one transmitter at a time. Select the transmitter you want by turning on the proper switch.

To transmit code signals place the “TONE-CW-VOICE” switch on either “TONE” or “CW.” Use either the microphone button, a standard transmitting key, or a key located on the top of the transmitter control box.

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VHF Ground-to-Air Radio

A somewhat fanciful illustration from a U.S. equipment manual showing the VHF Ground-to-Air Radio Set AN/CRC-1 being used by ground forces to call in air support.

VHF Ground-to-Air Radio

When assembled for operation, Radio Set AN/CRC-1 may be used as a ground-to-air command set to transmit information from ground troops to combat aircraft relative to strategic ground targets against which strafing or bombing action is desired.


Rules are so Stupid!

Combat Information Center C.I.C.Cartoon from the October 1944 issue of C.I.C. (Combat Information Center) published by the U.S. Office of the Chief of Naval Operations.

Rules Are So Stupid